Singular Pleasure

Exhausting fun, overflowing love, tense edges. This holiday season I’ve held a three-day-old baby girl and heard devastating news about an elderly relative. I’ve stretched my imagination (and wallet) to find the perfect gift and hidden the effects of too much cheer beneath an extra layer of Mac concealer. I’ve thrown dinner parties, gathered with girlfriends, and had a cozy night or two by the twinkling Christmas tree with Al and Rusty. I’ve baked cookies (and sampled them daily). I’ve  roasted meat I will not eat. I’ve chopped and shopped and also stopped to meditate and reflect upon my abundant blessings.

Amid this whirl, my singular pleasure remains a morning alone with pen and paper. And now, add to this an unexpected gift, one I could not have imagined ten years ago, this net of writing friends to share it with. Have a joyful holiday season!

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  1. Aw.

    There isn’t anyone I know that could have said this as wonderfully. Your poet’s heart shines in this post and makes me want to snuggle with Rusty too.

    Merry Christmas, Cindy & Al!


  2. Cindy, it is always so fun and interesting to read about your writing projects and progress with your books! You are generous to share your thoughts and tips, and I am so glad to hear you’re having a wonderful Christmas — with some quiet time for reflection too.

    Nate is home with us now, and our “empty nest” is once again full of young energy and a lot more people. I love that. I roasted a turkey breast for a dinner party last night — even broke down and tasted some, though I said I would try to get through this holiday w/o eating anything but fish. Oh well. Off the veggie wagon for a couple of weeks, I guess 🙂

    Have a wonderful holiday, Cindy!


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