Love Trick

Right on track with words. (14134.) Those words are probably not great, (I am not allowing myself to go back and read them because then the temptation to fiddle with them would be too great to resist) but the plot is shaping up okay, I think. Been reading romances as homework (really fun homework) and discovered that there’s a trick to this keeping the hero/heroine apart thing. It usually feels so unnatural to me, but the masters of the game make it believable. 

How the best romance writers keep the tension real  (Thank you Elizabeth Bevarly.) is to make the couple undeniably attracted to each other, but they also need real issues keeping them apart. Deal breaking issues. But every once in awhile, the attraction gets the upper hand. When that happens, they drop their boundaries.

Here’s the trick to writing those sequences: put the love scene first, make them vulnerable at the same time, and then after they’ve bonded in an intimate way (yes, that means writing love scenes damn it) let the issues rush in to ambush them.

There might be other ways, but today that’s what’s working for me.

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