Words and Word

Before the new laptop, I had Word 2003. Now I have 2007. It’s so different, like getting a new phone, but worse, because I write way more than I talk on the phone. Need to immediately go buy one of those Dummies books for Office 2007. I know they have everything online but I can do it faster if I have a text I can study and use for reference.

The only other problem is that we have a wireless house and Al has been working too much to get me on the printer. So I couldn’t print my pages this morning! I hate that. Backed them up on an e-drive but still. I want those pages. I think there’s about 50 of them now. Amazing!

Words yesterday were not quite 2000 as I’d hoped. More like 1600 which is pretty good. And I went over the 10,000 mark this morning after typing in yesterday’s longhand and then adding more. Still not out of ideas yet, but the fear is there. I keep pushing it away.  Also, the draft seems a lot like babble much of the time, sort of like this post. I’m trying not to think about that, either.


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  1. Cindy,
    I sometimes look back at my early days of journalism/freelancing through rose-colored glasses. Back in the late 1980s, I typed all my stories on an IBM Selectric, used White-Out, and drove my pieces to the newspaper office downtown to meet my deadline. A lot of work, yes, but the equipment always WORKED — no technology glitches or complicated updates/changes to thwart the basic process of writing and delivering work.

    My computer crashed last week — totally. I had to use my husband’s laptop to check for e-mail (nobody talks on the phone now!) and I felt like I’d lost my right arm. Amazing, to think I survived and thrived without all this technology 20-some years ago…

    Good luck with your writing schedule!


  2. Whoa, you may be getting one of these new things soon too. I hope you didn’t lose any important photos or documents. I’m pretty good about backing stuff up, but even I just yesterday backed up my revised novel, the one I completed over a week ago. Anything could have happened in that week. I’m just glad it didn’t. And hope the crash didn’t catch you at a bad time.


  3. Yesterday I got 1168 words done, which while obviously not great was still (in my mind if nowhere else) a vast improvement of the 0 words of the previous day. I really want to write 6000 words today to try to catch back up to my schedule. I don’t like my chances but we can but try…

    More recent versions of Office have confusing tabbed toolbars and confusing menus. It even threw me and I had been using Microsoft software half of my life. By all means get a For Dummies guide, they’re great resources. But if all else still falis, consider checking out the free OpenOffice software from Sun Microsystems. Powerful and easy-to-use, and free.


  4. John good luck with the 6000 words and please don’t beat yourself up. think about how great it would be to write 1000 words on an ordinary day!

    i bought windows 7 quick reference and word 2007, both dummies books. the big thick one with everything in it was too intimidating.

    so far i’m hanging in with word. most of the shortcut keys are the same, which is a boon.


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