2 & 3

Day two was a work day. And my golden writing time is in the morning. Which is when I work. I had every intention of coming home and getting right at the keyboard. But I was hungry. So I fixed lunch. And then watched As the World Turns.

Finally about three o’clock I went upstairs and managed to squeak out about 600 or so words. Then it was time for Oprah, then making dinner, then cleaning the kitchen, etc, etc.

I’m just not a nighttime writer. Never have been. I like to read at night. And it’s sort of research now, since I’m reading romance…to be specific, Leanne Banks’s “Santa Slave” from the Red Hot Santa anthology. Love Leanne.

But anyway reading and having dinner with Al and things (Okay, total truth, I watched “Two and a Half Men” and the show with the geeks after it which is even funnier.) took the rest of the night. I knew I’d make it up this morning and I did. Even went a little over.

But what I wrote is not great. There’s a ton of exposition. I still can’t write a love scene to save my life. Tomorrow’s another day. I’m supposed to get my new lighter laptop today, so maybe I’ll bring it to work and write between classes.

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  1. *gasp* New lighter laptop? I. am. so. jealous.

    Great job catching up your word count (over 3K now right?)… I’m going to hitting my stride here pretty soon because- I am the polar opposite of you. I write at night (from 8pm to midnight) when the kiddies are sleeping.

    and You’ll get those love scenes moving… you just need… inspiration. *grin* and a lack of inhibition to put the words on the paper.


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