One Month

The other day I really started thinking about how to divide up my time with the two mss. One month is not that long to get a ms. ready for GH. 200 pages a week is a lot, even if there are only small edits.

I actually had page numbers for a lot of edits so I made all of those on Sunday. Today being my day off, I read through the ms. one more time for final absolutely last edits.

Six hours later I’m done. Reading and adding notes. More fixes than I thought but still not so many and nothing huge. 200 pages/two weeks is totally doable. But then I should probably read it AGAIN one last time before sending it off. Just to be sure everything is perfect.

I will do that AFTER I get the second chapter of the other ms. ready for critique in three weeks. So there’s my month because it will take a week to read and print and get the envelopes sorted and so forth.

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  1. I want your deadline! *grin* I have a couple of days left to finish the polish edit on mine. I really, really want it done this month so that I can focus on NaNo next month. Wonder if that’ll happen? Nah.


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