Wherefore Art Thou, Moon?

I meditated. I did yoga. I vacuumed. And still, I could not come up with a decent version of  the second moon poem.

So I studied. Got out mythology books and science books. (Did you know that one of the theories is that the moon used to be part of the earth? It possibly broke off and floated away a long, long time ago. That’s science, not myth!)

Now I’m loaded with info:  myths and facts, symbols and statistics. Oceans of fascinating notes (One of the names for the moon goddess is Cynthia, because Artemis, an Olympian, was born on Mount Cynthus on the tiny Greek island of Delos. Thank you, Edith Hamilton.) but still no poem.

Horoscope this morning revealed that “you can tap deeply into your unconscious mind for inspiration.” That and the whole being named after a moon goddess gave me confidence, but this morning’s version of the illusive moon poem is still for shit.

So I’m thinking I’ll just let it go. I wrote one pretty good moon poem, and it came easily. Plus I learned a lot and some of it will no doubt go into the revision of Traveling Girl, if I ever get back to writing fiction again.

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  1. Sometimes letting it go, just getting away from it, allows your subconscious to develop the idea for you… maybe you need to step away and come back with new eyes in a couple days.

    That’s how it worked for me anyway, when I was writing the prophecy & wiccan spells – I’d get stuck flat, curse a few minutes, then go on to other things. Eventually, when I wasn’t even looking for it – zip! There it was.

    Either way, Good Luck!


  2. Frankly, I cannot wait to be done with this poetry spell I have been under! Tried the moon poem again today and again no luck! I want to get back to fiction, and next week I will. I plan to get that little poetry e-book up over the weekend. Without the second moon poem if that’s what it takes.


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