Bright Star Beckons

Saw Bright Star with Lisa and later fell asleep reading Keats’ poems again. Naturally, next morning I wrote another poem. And today, another. Am also in the midst of revising the second in my trio of romantic comedies.

When I looked in my closet for the rom com draft, I found a notebook full of old poems and stories. I wondered: should I include some of the old poems in the book I’m putting together? And decided, I will include a few, but others are so awful I’m only keeping them because I wrote them when I was 16 and I love that sad girl’s awkward words.

Then I thought about writing a story about a 16-year old poet. This idea arrived (and mercifully quickly departed) because of the stories also in the notebook. Now I want the stories to be a book, too. I was much older than 16 when I wrote them, and I still think they are good stories.

All these projects beckon like bright stars of their own.

Keats died believing he was a failure, and yet his poems are still beloved hundreds of years later. After his first book was a dismal flop, he wrote another. He didn’t live long enough to learn its fate,which was equally dismal. Then, decades later, a new generation of poets rescued him from obscurity. 

Jane Campion brings Keats’ words to life again–the film’s dialogue incorporates delicious sections of some of his best-loved poems.  

As writers, we put our words in the most perfect form we can and fate does with it what it will.  Emily Dickinson stitched her homemade books together by hand and lovingly tucked them in a box under her bed. She asked her sister to burn them when she died, but happily that request was ignored.

Although I do not have the great talent of Keats or Dickinson, my URL is like a box under my bed. I like it as repository better than the notebook in a closet or the manuscript in the drawer because I can have a lovely shelf of virtual books right here, in one place, all together.

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  1. There is a contest on the website for most romantic love letter or tweet with prizes from A Diamond is Forever and Montblanc. A great way to discover your inner poet/romantic and to encourage writing…..


  2. What a beautiful post, Cindy, and a timely reminder that we need to share our work with others — and believe in our creative drive. Thanks for the reminder about Bright Star — didn’t know it was out yet, and would love to see it. I am going to check the movie listings now. Sounds wonderful. And Cindy, I am glad you are sharing your own gifts here!


  3. This is the type of film that shows up at a local independent theater. Now I will look for it, as well as poems by Keats because now I’m curious what I’ve read of his work.


  4. One of the best dramas I’ve seen all year! The cast was amazing, and the music haunting. You should check out the film Bright Star’s official site, where they’ve announced the Love Letter Contest. Those who enter will have to submit a hand-made love letter or love tweet for their chance to win two unique diamonds from A Diamond Is Forever. Find more details here:
    Follow Keat’s Tweets here:
    I’m glad Jane campion decided to step back into the director’s chair for this one. I don’t think anyone else could have captured the heart of the story like her.


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