Writer Retreat

Read several of my new poems (and an old favorite) to a small group at Iris’s lavender farm this past Sunday. The whole day was deliciously satisfying on so many levels.

It feels good to be back with the poetry thing for now. And I was so gratified that poets I admire actually thought my lines were worth something. There is no higher compliment than hearing “I wish I’d written that…”

And the exquisite joy of Diana choosing “Vershinin” as her favorite poem!  It is long and messy and about a Chekhov character, so I really didn’t think anybody would get it but me. Wrong in the best way;-)

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  1. And hence the reason for the clapping class… those of us who stuck it out past day one (I was shocked how many teacher-to-be’s dropped!) appreciated each other and the best way to show it is with support and praise. I think there was only twice we didn’t and we were so stinkin’ confused we just forgot… 🙂

    Congrats on a great weekend!


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