That Sinking Feeling

Didn’t see it in the email box right away. Maybe because it was from an individual editor and the publisher’s name didn’t stand out. When I did see it I got an immediate sinking feeling, and it turns out, for the right reason. Here’s a taste of what she said:

“… the writing was clean and well-presented.”  That’s the good news.

Now the bad: “I didn’t find Deena to be a particularly sympathetic
character, and I felt that the external conflict overwhelmed the
romantic elements.”

So there you have it. My first e-jection.

How do I feel about it? Sad that Deena did not come off as sympathetic! But this editor has a point about the external conflict being at least as big as the romance. Maybe Attracting Jack  is not a romance.

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  1. I do have some revisions in mind. A few critique pals gave me good suggestions. I won’t change the balance of conflict/romance, though. I like a girl with a goal;-) Still thinking about what my next step will be publishing-wise.


  2. Cindy, I am sorry to learn about the e-jection. But keep going — it’s only one opinion, as you know. And I have to say, I admire your courage here in being able to share and discuss rejection so openly with your blog readers. So many people share only the good news … It takes a mighty fine teacher to have the guts to admit the realities of trying to get published!


  3. Would you consider self-releasing it for the Kindle? I ask because I’ve had really good sales for my romantic comedy, Easily Amused, as a Kindle book. At this moment it’s ranked at #288, which means only 287 other books, including traditionally published authors, are selling better. To say I’m pleased is a major understatement

    This was a novel that was agented but never taken on by a traditional publisher. I’ve had a lot of wonderful, positive feedback from readers, most of it contradicting editor’s concerns that my main character comes off as “prickly” in the beginning. Sometimes I wonder if (some) publishers underestimate readers.

    Food for thought. 🙂


  4. Karen, first, congratulations on your ranking. Wow! I would certainly consider this! It’s a great idea. My concern is I don’t own a Kindle–I think I read on your blog that you don’t either (yet). I’ve got some other questions that I need to investigate, as well as some edits to make to the ms, but this may well be the way for me to go with this ms. I really want to read your story. I may have to buy a Kindle very soon.


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