not so fast

Don’t think I’ll have the poetry chapbook done by the 10th even though I wanted to have it ready as an anniversary present for AWD  readers. I will get it out eventually, and it will be free, but I really want to make it good.

Typed up and revised lots of the poems yesterday (about 20 of the 30 I’m considering) and am happy with the result but I’d love my poet friend Iris to look at them and give me feedback. I’m invited to her lavendar farm next Sunday for a writing retreat so that’s perfect.

Also I just ordered Mary Oliver’s book on how she goes about writing poetry. She drafts her poems 40 or 50 times each! Every single word is so important. Mostly what I did yesterday was cut out lines and words. I used to be a flabbier poet.

Wish it was as easy to lose weight as it is to cut words.

I do want to honor my 7th year of blogging with a creative piece, so am determined to post the short story started this summer “Layla’s Other Life” which is about three words away from finished.

The reason I delayed with LoL is because I’d set up an alternate world. I mean, it’s Earth, but not as we know it. It’s a future world, not that distant, but so different than the one we live in. I kept thinking “maybe I should explore this world in a book.”

I don’t really feel inspired to do that now, but I can still do it in the future. After all, the world of Gypsy and Traveling Girl started out as a novella in Octoberland that I originally posted here.

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