90 in 3

90 pages in three days and I am feeling a rush of accomplishment about it! And tired.

Reading Richard Russo’s new one right now, and the main character is a screenwriter who has moved from L.A. to teach screenwriting. He remarks about his student’s screenplays, something like, most of them will start off wrong, and if you start off wrong, you can’t fix it.

He makes an analogy to building a skyscraper. If a one story building is not exactly plumb, if the foundation is a little tiny bit uneven, it doesn’t matter. But with a skyscraper, a little off plumb becomes a worse disaster with every story you add. And so it is, Russo says, with a screenplay. You have to make the beginning absolutely plumb and perfect and then the rest of it will at least have a chance to be okay.

Glad I worked so hard to get this first part plumb.

One thing I used to think was that Attracting Jack was a good book and was publishable. I realize now that it was off before in a couple of places, right from the start. Really, to be brutally honest, I can see why it wasn’t published. And I’m glad it wasn’t, because now I can fix it. The tweaks are so minor but so important. I just have to follow through for another couple hundred pages.

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