E Book ETC

Wrote something about the trip, something perfect for a Mom site like 50-Something. Actually it wasn’t perfect, just the subject for the venue was perfect. I had a hard time articulating my feelings. But I worked on it and it was the first revising and polishing I’ve done in weeks, so I consider it a success. They’ll be posting it tomorow and I’ll link.

I know I still haven’t posted the short short story I wrote, but that hasn’t been revised yet because I am totally wrapped up in whipping Attracting Jack into submission shape. Vowing to have it complete and ready to send to an e-publisher before school starts at the end of the month. I’m figuring about 25 pages a day, with a reread of the day before’s revised pages first.

Did the first 25 today and it felt totally freeing to be thinking “e-publishing” because I don’t have to worry that this publisher doesn’t like the word “fuck” and that publisher doesn’t do characters in the arts and the other one is strict with word counts and all of them are pulling back on new authors. I still want to make this the best book I can–I’m not just throwing it out there. But I am doing it my way, which is very nice.


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