Twitter, Eating, and Me

This is pretty funny, but I have acquired a following on Twitter. Even though I do not Twitter. It cracks me up. I joined briefly a while ago and then didn’t do anything with it, so I opted out. Or so I thought. So, just in case you decide to follow me, I won’t be going anywhere. But you can friend me on Facebook.

Also, I have been writing again. Have not picked up the WIP but did a longish (for me) post for 50-Something about my fraught relationship with food. I worked on it yesterday, and left it a big mess. But this morning I ironed out all the many issues I had with it and added some sorely needed humor. Now I’m happy with it! And glad to be writing again. Will post link when it goes up.

0 Comments on “Twitter, Eating, and Me

  1. Can’t wait to read that post Cindy — thanks for the heads-up. I think many of us in midlife have a love/hate relationship with food. We love how it tastes; hate where it sits on our bodies!

    As for Twitter — same thing happened to me, and I found I couldn’t keep up with it. I know people love Twitter — but I think Facebook is so much easier to manage/control. Plus I love seeing everyone’s photos.


  2. I am still trying to figure out the deal with Twitter. When I joined (because of my sister, I might add, who no longer goes on there) it told me you were a member, so I ‘followed’ then saw you don’t post there. 😛 Too funny!

    I am one with you guys here though, I love Facebook.


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