A Big Fat Storm

Heard the hail against the windows before I looked outside and saw the wind blowing sideways; it looked like clouds of rain puffing by. Like the sky tipped upside down and was rushing by me in a big hurry to get someplace else. I felt a little like Dorothy tripping to Oz.

After about an hour, the storm blew over, but not before it ripped down my huge honeysuckle vine. The trellis crushed my black eyed susan patch. Our yard, front and back, was briefly under water. But it wasn’t until the next morning that the true tragedy hit: my internet connection had been knocked out.

Something with the router, we at first thought. Al opened it up and the whole thing was fried. So we bought a new one. Still no connection. Cable guy is coming tomorrow. Apparently a lot of people lost their wireless. Meanwhile, I’m posting from school just like the kids do when they think I’m not paying attention.

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  1. Wow — you’ve been out of power longer than we were. Isn’t it a pain? It’s tough to be without Internet service, especially if the phone is connected to it (as ours is). Hope you get it back soon!


  2. I lost my wireless also in that storm. I don’t know what had happened, it just quit. I was able to fix it though — I had to load the router’s firmware (software).

    It was a major storm; I thought it was going to turn into a tornado. Luckily it did not.


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