A few ideas brewing in the brain, and today I actually wrote them down which got me started and eventually I ended up with three whole morning pages!

The two big things I’m thinking about for this site are 1. holding a workshop in July and 2. publishing an e-book (or maybe posting it as a free download). The workshop is something that Paperback Writer is doing, and I’d link into that. If I can think of something to offer. So far I have two ideas, and neither of them seem to fit the parameters. Maybe I’ll just participate in the workshops and take a break from teaching;-)

The e-book thing is something I really really really want to do. I’m just not sure exactly how to do it. Need to talk to the agent about it. The book would be Embellishments (formerly Sugar Shack). I’d have to read it first to make sure it’s good enough to print. At the time I wrote it, I thought it was. My agent thought it was. And an editor at a major publishing house thought it was. But then the deal didn’t go through and the book has been stuck in limbo.

So…maybe I’ll do a thing with BookSurge. I like this idea because people with Kindles could download it. I also thought of posting a chapter a day here and then putting the whole thing on PDF. Lynn Viehl uses Sribd for her free e-books, so I could also check them out. I’d like to get that done this summer too.

See I’m thinking. Just not doing. Yet.


  1. Cindy, these are great ideas! And I would love to learn more about e-books, too. Publishing is changing and morphing as we go along, and it’s hard to keep up with the new technology. Can’t wait to hear what you discover….


  2. You should look into publishing a version on the Amazon Kindle too. (Sadly that device isn’t available outside of the US as far as I can tell, but I’ve heard a lot of authors selling a lot of electronic versions of their books at a low price point and doing quite well for themselves.)

    Best of luck!


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