At Rest

The draft is still resting in its drawer. Read in July’s The Writer  that Clive Cussler leaves his drafted manuscripts in the drawer for a month or two before revising. It’s been two weeks for me. According to Cussler, if you leave the book alone for a good chunk of time, when you pick it up again you’ll see it with new eyes. Editor’s eyes. Rested eyes.

Haven’t been writing much of anything else, either. Morning pages here and there. But nothing creative. I really tapped the well this time and it is bone dry. So I’ve been reading and puttering and taking long walks and of course finishing up my summer writing session. For the first time in a long time, I don’t wake up with a story in my head clamoring to be told.

It’s kind of a relief.


  1. You deserve a brief break. You have completed the first draft and that’s an accomplishment. Many aspiring writers talk about a novel all their lives but never actually get to write it (I hope I’m not one of those 🙂 ).

    I sensed that your story had some element of magic in it, and that makes it interesting. I wonder how much magic it has in it.

    As for new stuff, something will come soon.


  2. Remind me of something….
    Do you do your own editing?
    Do you use an editor for content, storyline?

    I think you told us once but I don’t remember.



  3. “My three main characters have special powers linked to another world, so the magic is pretty deeply imbedded.”

    This already sound interesting to me.


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