Draft Finished!

Nine more pages this morning was all it took to wind up the draft of Traveling Girl. As every writer knows, this isn’t the end. Far from it. But it’s enough for now. I feel like I can take a break from this book. Nothing is pressuring me to complete a revision, at least not yet. As soon as someone makes an offer on Gypsy, that will change.  

My main concern now is why it’s taking so long to place Gypsy. But I’m going to take a short break from worrying about that, too. Then I will get to the bottom of what I need to do next in the business part of writing and getting published.


  1. That’s great news! Congraluations on your finished draft.

    (I think we should all probably take a break from ‘worrying’ in general. Though I realise that’s much more easily said than done.)


  2. “Traveling Girl…”
    …reminds me when I was younger and…well, never mind, I can’t remember anyway.

    Hey, I must be official now.
    I got my first rejection letter from an agent re: “Sedar Bay.”



  3. Congrats, Cindy! As every writer knows, this is no easy feat. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts, and try to make a little time to kick back and savor it. The weather is perfect for that. Then I hope you sell it!


  4. Congrats Cindy on Traveling Girl! I just discovered your site and am glad I did. I finished writing a novel about 3 years ago, and did a rewrite but was thwarted at the getting-an-agent stage. I suppose…I gave up. But reading your post inspired me to go back and take another look at my ms. Thanks.


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