Endings in Sight

This morning I wrote nine pages, the climax scene where the evil person is caught. Everything went great, I even got to use some stuff I hadn’t counted on, some cool things I’d set up earlier. Everything folded in nicely. No problems. So I just have those final couple of denoument scenes to write. Whew. I think I should be done with this first draft of the WIP by the weekend if not before.

The class takes much of my time. If I wasn’t a teacher, I’d finish the manuscript today. But I am, and I have 22 drafts to grade today. A bit over a hundred pages of reading. That’s fine. Tomorrow marks the “half way” point of this mini-semester. And it’s a very nice class. I was worried that they wouldn’t jell, that they wouldn’t bond, but mostly they have. We had a great discussion about moral dilemmas yesterday and that sort of sealed it. We shared stories about facing moral or ethical choices, and I tried to show how those types of things make for great conflict.

Busy and happy. Sounds like a status update.

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