Final Blocking

This morning I blocked out ten final scenes for the book. Then I wrote the first one. I figure I can write a scene a day for ten days and then be done. Well, with the draft. Still much work to do. What I found with this book, this time through the process, is that outlines help, but I can only write them in pieces. And I can’t do an outline until I have fifty or so pages.

And I wrote another post for 50-Something. My contract with them is up in September, and I’m not planning on renewing. I wrote some fun stuff there, things I would not have written except that I needed to submit an entry, but I think it’s time to end a few things that aren’t such a great fit for me anymore. PW was one thing. 50-S is another. And maybe–is it the end of writing novels, too?

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  1. “end of writing novels!” Are you hinting to quit working on your WIP Mrs. Harrison? I should not. Please don’t!


  2. Hi Khaled, I am thinking about it. After I finish this book, I’m going to take a break from the longer form to work on a short story that’s been on my mind. I also have to see if my agent can sell my manuscripts. If she sells something soon, I will for sure stick to writing novels. If she doesn’t, it may be time to move on. Or at least take a nice long break.


  3. Cindy —
    don’t ever end your novel career. You’re on the right path. Taking a break is a good thing — a sabbatical is always helpful for creative people — but don’t quit. Even if your agent can’t sell your manuscripts, that doesn’t mean you should give up. These are tough times. The most talented writers I know are not selling as much (of anything) in this economic crisis.

    Sadly, along these lines, I keep hearing/reading that Internet use is the main reason why readers aren’t reading as many books, newspapers, and magazines. And I wish I could disagree. But I find that the more time I spend online, the fewer books I finish and the fewer papers I read. And I’m a reader and writer! If people like me are spending more time online and less time reading print, what about people who don’t read many books or magazines anyway??? Worrisome. I vow to spend less time online this summer, and more time in a lawnchair with a stack of novels!


  4. Forgot to add … Cindy, I’ve enjoyed your posts of 50-somethings. But like you, I plan to stop blogging on the site soon, when my contract runs out. Sadly, I’ve just lost interest and don’t have enough time to keep it up…


  5. Cindy you are right, I should never say “I’m done” because I’ve said it before (many times) and really, I never am. I remember in my 20s saying “If I haven’t got a book published by the time I’m 30, I’m quitting this writing thing.” Arrogant and foolish…I can’t quit writing. Maybe novel writing. But not writing. I am actually thinking of publishing my books online right here if nothing else works out.


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