This probably has something to do with the absolutely gorgeous and note-perfect Unaccustomed Earth, but I have an idea, a whole plot really, perfectly formed in my head, for my next writing project. A short story, hence the relationship to Jhumpa Lahiri’s latest collection, which I just finished this morning. 

Am always surprised when, at the end of one writing project, the next one starts to float into my head. Happens every single time. So good thing I have a rough outline figured out about how to do the “murderer revealed” scenes. I finally got the idea at the end of typing in the last notebook. I’m done with notebooks. I know the rest of the story. Now I just have to type it into the computer. This weekend will be a good time to make some serious progress as Al is out of town, visiting his parents.

And then Traveling Girl will go into a drawer to cool off and I will be on to my new story. Now that it’s clear I’m going to write it, I realize I’ve been thinking about it for a few months now. Considering and discarding the idea of putting it on paper. I’ve decided. I’m going to write it.

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