New Schedule

My new work schedule’s messing with my writing time, but it’s so nice for the rest of my life I’m going to keep it. Leaving the house too early to write on Mondays and Wednesdays and when I get home, I can’t force the mood. Morning is my prime writing time, period.

I can easily switch to writing again on the weekends, so I’m not worried. Five days of writing a week is enough for me. The thing that bothers me is I won’t always be posting every day of the week here anymore. Wish I could be so concerned when my exercise schedule goes to hell, but no, I worry about the blog. Geez.

Promise I’ll keep the posts coming at least three times a week.   

Meanwhile, the WIP is slowly lurching along. I still haven’t figured out how my murderer is unveiled, so I’m typing the latest notebook into the computer, revising it a little as I go, and reading a really scary novel for motivation. (Drood is so creepy that I have to switch to another book at night.)

One thing Emily Listfield said that helped me was that she had to try out ideas for her final unveiling scene a few times before she hit on the right one. So I’m not stressing about it. It will all come together in its own time.


  1. Cindy —
    I’m impressed that you’ll keep posting three times a week through the summer. I’ve cut back to posting twice a week, and am considering going only once a week in the summer… I find that to keep things rolling with my blog, I have to keep posting on other people’s blogs — which I really truly love, but costs an incredible amount of time. It’s a catch-22, and one that I find even tougher in the summer with so much outdoor work and pleasure…


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