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Contacted my agent last week about the status of the Gyspy manuscript. It is being looked at by an editor, but things are slow right now in publishing, she said. Part of the general slowdown of the economy, I guess. Not sure what it means except less offers are being made, especially to new writers. At least someone’s still in the building to read. And agent has put in a call to the editor to see if she can speed things along.

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  1. I have recently finished one book, Spring Meets Winter, and have fairly decent starts to three other books. On May 11th I sent off my first round of query letters to agents. WOW! I knew rejections in the business happen hard and fast, but I was blown away by the fact that some agents just weren’t interested in new talent at all. I have been retouching my query letter and opening chapters in hopes of finding an agent with my next round, but I think, like you said, the slowdown is really going to affect my chances. I envy you for having an agent and being at the point of approaching editors. Best of luck with Gyspy.


  2. I found the same thing, Garrett, when I first looked for an agent. My top agent choices were agents of authors I admired. Those agents all rejected me quickly–they were too busy with their famous clients! So then I decided to find a newer agent, one with some room still on her list, and sure enough, that worked. The problem with a newer agent is that they don’t have the connections everywhere that more experienced agents do…I’ve had my agent for a few years and she’d had two books of mine to sell and has not been able to place either of them. Yet. Still hoping!


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