Antagonist Doubt

Finished the step outline for Act 2 this morning. Ten pages of summary notes that will take me through the plot to the point of the crisis, where the killer is revealed. Then Act 3 will be catching murderer, learning backstory, and denoument of various threads.

During my sick leave from the WIP, I was having some doubts about my antagonist. Was it too easy to spot this murderer?  What could I do to throw readers off the obvious trail? I wasn’t getting any answers, so I just figured I’d enjoy writing the fun scenes I had planned before illness threw me a curve ball. An answer about how to divert attention from my antagonist would reveal itself eventually.   

So this morning, before I even got out of bed, I relaxed there for awhile plotting out my next scenes. (I love to do this and recommend it highly). I thought of some specific ideas for the fun scenes, then I got up and wrote them into my outline.

After I wrote out everything I’d already planned, I figured I’d be done for the day. But then out of the blue popped an idea for a red herring. It was perfect. It made sense. It’s the next place the mystery part of the plot has to go. So I outlined that and everything clicked into place.

Love when that happens!


  1. Don’t you just love these magical thought processes? We prime the pump all conscious and dutiful and then are rewarded with this little perfect gift of an idea from some other fruitful corner of our brains. Wonderful!


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