Dear Diary

Have not been writing at all. Bronchitis and a wicked sore throat will do that to a person. Didn’t want to write, read, eat, teach, think or talk. Had to write a review. Had to teach. For the food part, ice cream and tea were good. But everything non-essential got shelved.

And then this morning I remembered some old journals I’d unearthed during spring cleaning. I’d tossed bunch of filled ones (I do not want my kids to read my diaries after I am gone…) but I kept a few that I’d started and abandoned for one reason or another. They were almost new. Figured I’d use them eventually. Today was eventually.

Not ready to work on the mystery again (my head hurts just thinking about it) but the thing with being a writer is, sooner or later, I gotta write. (And do laundry, but that’s another story.)

So anyway, I had no idea what to write about. Started reading the four or five pages at the front of the journal, which had a month (October) but not a year. From all I read I put the various pieces of my life together and figured it was probably 2004 give or take a year. Things have changed so much since then & all for the better.

I have an agent. I cleaned up health issues. Both my kids have good jobs and good love. Things with Al are great. The money situation is swell. I love my job. I published features in national magazines and stretched myself with a stint of broadcast journalism for the BBC. I wrote a book. And published it. And use it in my classes. Life is better than I ever could have predicted when I wrote in that journal five years ago.

And I realized all this for one reason: I decided to write today. Writing brought joy in this unexpected way. And until I get back to my story, I’ll be writing in my diary again. Three pages. Every morning.

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  1. I really want to get back to the morning pages. Though I really don’t have any where to ‘write’ three pages. I think what we have here is a failure to locate sufficient desk space… Alas.

    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon!


  2. Dear Cindy-Cynthia

    I just came across your blog and have so enjoyed your musings about the writing trade (or should I say profession?) and how you are teasing yourself back into writing. There is so much here that I recognise. We do many of the same things – keeping the writing in balance with the tutoring at the same time as enjoying life.
    I have just started a blog – well, a fortnight ago – with the intention of posting every day some reflections on all of this. Well, I’ve actually managed to post every other day so it’s building up. For me it’s acting as a kind of daily pages, diverse (sometimes perverse!) five finger exercises. I’m loving it.
    Crossing those fingers that it doesn’t stop me making progress with my new novel…
    I’ll drop back here and see how you are getting on.
    Very best wishes

    Wendy R


  3. I just started taking an “Artist’s Way” course at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center this month. It is excellent, and serves to remind me that I need the discipline of a regular class to keep me writing in a journal, or doing the morning pages.

    Because I began a routine of writing my newspaper columns first thing in the morning, I now feel guilty writing in a journal — or writing something for pleasure or therapeutic reasons. I can’t shake the “it’s not productive if I am not publishing it” mentality! I need to work through this in my morning pages, right??

    I do find that I feel better, generally, when I do the morning pages, and a lot of things do become more clear. If only I could sit down and do them first thing…


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