The Writing Dilemma

Wouldn’t you know, the minute I get a break from school, some darn bug hits. Was really looking forward to having a nice stretch away from teaching, but a sore throat and congested head have made this less than my dream break. At least I’ve gotten plenty of rest!

Didn’t feel guilty for taking the weekend off the WIP, especially since I got a book read and a review drafted. Every day I’ve been hoping it’s only a little seasonal allergy thing and I’ll wake up in the morning feeling great. Hasn’t happened yet. And tomorrow I go back to work. 

Here’s the writing dilemma: if I’m feeling like crap, how am I supposed to write upbeat happy scenes? I’ve thought about that all weekend. It’s hard to conjure that thrilled first date feeling when what I’m really feeling is slightly shitty, sort of mopey, and just kinda dull and tired.

Ended up writing three pages of step outlines instead, so that when I do feel back to my old self, I’ll be ready to put those summaries into scenes that zing with joy.


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