Being a Chair

As in chairperson. I’m doing that for DWW‘s Spring Readings this year. I’ve never headed a committee before, so it’s a good experience. Nothing about it is really difficult or inscrutable–well, except sending press releases– but just like so many things, it takes time.

Time is not something I have my hands full of lately. I am keeping up with work, but that’s because I’m working so many hours. I’m kind of a perfectionist about my courses. I am not a teacher who comes into class unprepared and just goes with the flow. I always have a plan. These days I always have four plans.

So…the chairperson title is nice, and I was happy to volunteer, but I’m cramming it in with so many other things that I might not be doing as excellent a job as I thought I could. In that way, it’s like writing. What’s in my head when I say “yes” to a project is not what ends up on the page OR the stage.

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