Dangerous Excuses

A few days ago, after I had typed up all the handwritten pages, I put my notebook in a drawer. I had 164 pages; I could take a break. I was going to be super-busy with school for the next little while. It wasn’t like I came into these new courses with a fresh slate. There were loads of essays and piles of homework to check. The first day I got the material, I worked for 14 hours planning, reading, and grading. The next day I taught for 9 hours straight.

I hear stories of being too busy to write all the time. Everybody’s busy. How can we make time to write? Why should we? Especially if our stories aren’t selling, we don’t have a book contract, and we are starting to suspect our WIP sucks.

This was the state of affairs at my house, in my head, last night. But something knocked on the door of my consciousness while I was dreaming. It’s even more important to push ahead with my story now. Despite the “this book sucks” blues.

It is probably dangerous to keep the notebook in the drawer when I feel this way. I might talk myself into giving up entirely, which would be a shame as I am so far into the story. And it’s basically a sound story. Whatever sucks, I can fix when I revise.

So this morning I got up early, took my notebook out of the drawer, and wrote a scene. It didn’t suck.


  1. I let myself fall for those “dangerous excuses”…for years. I was focused and feeling efficient at work doing computer programming for a long time that I let my creative ideas for the stories I had thought about slip over the years. I forgot them in the “drawer.”

    Now though, I have reset my mind again on a comeback. I must nowmake the time and apply myself to write. Taking a college writing course helps me to connect with writing and writers.

    I agree — “It is dangerous to keep the notebook in the drawer.” So please continue to write no matter what. From what I read, Your Words, Your Story has some wonderful themes that I, even as a guy, relate to.


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