My Tipping Point

Something shocking in the current O: The Oprah Magazine beauty section this month: an older woman is considering dying her eyebrows at home. And the beauty editor actually encouraged her to do this, outlining what to me were scary precautions, like having two bottles of sterile eyewash on hand just in case.

Maybe it’s only a short trend from dying grey hair to dying grey eyebrows, but it made me think: will the greying of my eyebrows be my aging tipping point? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.

It’s easy to think so, with my eyebrows still naturally the same shade as my admittedly salon-enhanced hair. I have considered growing out my hair, letting it turn the salt and pepper shade it clearly yearns to be. I’ve even thought about stopping the constant cutting and layering and arranging of bangs to a more simple style of just brushing it back and twisting it into a neat granny bun. Not quite ready for that, maybe because I’m not an actual granny yet.

What else would go down that slippery slope toward Total Granny if my eyebrows turned grey overnight? Would I stop wearing contact lenses? I have to admit in a way that would be a relief. I wear my glasses most of the time now anyway, and when I do put lenses in, I’m constantly using re-wetting drops to assuage dry eye syndrome.

What about jeans with zippers? Those elastic-waisted jeans look so comfy. And they’d be fine with a long enough top, right? Who would know? Well, I would. I’m not sure why it matters, but it does. So for now, I’m going to keep beating back the inevitable process of looking my age.

But I really believe the minute my eyebrows go grey, I’ll stop the madness. And I have to say, I’m sort of looking forward to it.


  1. Oh boy, if graying eyebrows are the tipping point, I’m in trouble! I’ve been pulling the same three annoying brows out for the past six months!
    Love your writing! More please.


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