Just Three Pages

“Just three pages” is the  mantra I picked up from Julia Cameron. She was referring to three pages of journals, but I use it as a goal for my novel pages every day. Every morning I wake up knowing I’ll write those three pages and maybe more.

It wasn’t always this way.

I used to talk myself out of writing more days than I wrote. And some days ARE harder than others. On the really impossible days, when the book just shuts its mouth, I journal or write out research notes. The main idea is to write something every day. (It’s okay to take weekends off, although I usually don’t…) 

So I’m thinking I need to somehow transfer that mantra over to typing AS WELL AS writing. At least until I get the last week’s pages typed up.

It would be great if I could also transfer this solid habit of writing three pages a day to other areas of my life–like eating. Just Three Meals. Or exercising Just Three Times a Week. Or sugar Just Say No. But for now, I’m just happy to be writing every day.


  1. That’s a great discipline, Cindy. And funny you mention Julia Cameron. I am so excited about a BBAC “Artist’s Way” class I am taking in April. I need this discipline.


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