Unboxing Structure

Worked more on Act 1 this morning. Thought I was done, but there was one more scene that needed to be written, which turned into a series of scenes, and that’s not even talking about the typing of the longhand pages, which I also got started on today.

Feel like I can have Act 1 completely finished (as a draft, but as a good draft, not a sloppy one) by this weekend. The other thing I want to do is read it all over one more time and make an outline of the scenes. Then I’m going to continue the outline for Acts 2 & 3, just a general outline, not a scene by scene breakdown.

Then finally I will be ready to write Act 2, which, according to Peder Hill is “about the character’s emotional journey and is the hardest part of the story to write.” Tell me about it!

I never did buy that book on structuring a mystery, because I am writing a fantasy mystery and I don’t even know if that’s a genre. But I did find Writer Unboxed, a fabulously informative blog about genre writing, although I have not yet discovered whether they host any authors who have successfully published a Fantasy/Mystery.

This month, Unboxed is featuring blogs about plotting, so it’s perfect for me right now. I have barely started tapping into the wisdom on this site, but from the two posts I managed to read, I learned a lot. Got inspired to outline with this blog and the one by Kathleen Bolton references Peder Hill’s breakdown of the 3 Act structure.

As I go through the first act this weekend, I’ll be making sure I’ve covered all the bases Peder mentions, and his breakdown will also help me navigate through Act 2 next week.


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