Continuous Rewards

One thing I forgot to say yesterday is that all that hard work I did a few years ago not only paid off with 2008 writing income, but that I expect the rewards to continue for years to come. We writers only have to pay a certain amount of dues before we reap the benefits. For anyone spending a good chunk of years putting in the writing hours and seeing no payment, it helps to know that what seems like working for free does eventually earn income.

Because of contacts I made and writing I did years ago, I have two ongoing and steady sources of writing income.  I expect these sources to continue to earn for me years down the line. Any writer can work to set up a similar situation by simply landing a staff magazine job and writing a book.

(Okay, not simply. I said it was hard work. Really hard work.)

I know I make it sound easy, but in truth, I worked long and hard for both of those things to happen. Now that they have, I can afford to take things a little easier.

The first source of income is my steady Publishers Weekly paycheck, the second is book sales. In addition to those sources of income, I’m still being paid for public speaking commitments set up to support my book.

I really believe that all the pitches I made, all the queries I wrote, all the writing schemes I hatched, every bit of it helped me to get where I am today. Even if the editor said no, even if I never landed the contract or won the competiton, I was still putting out that “I’m willing to work” vibe. That “I’m willing to do what it takes” message. The universe heard and responded. It will respond to you, too.


  1. That’s so true, Cindy. Isn’t it good, when you look back, to see that all those steps led to where you are today? At the time, it may have seemed doubtful, but the paybacks do come eventually. The hardest part for writers, I think, is to learn patience. Brick by brick, bird by bird. I agree that the Universe responds when we state our intentions and get serious about them. Congrats to you for arriving at that place, Cindy!


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