Short scene today, just two pages. Mountains of student essays to check and a lesson to plan and I think that distracted me.

Or was I distracted because I could feel the WIP sputtering this morning? You know that thing where you have your pen in hand and there’s a half-written sentence and you don’t know how to finish it so you stare into space for a while and then write a few more words and then repeat the staring into space part? That’s a snap of me this morning.

Anyway, I think I unearthed the issue, and it’s the same old suspect: dodging conflict. I need to write a big important scene full of negative emotional content. A funeral scene full of characters who are fearful of and superstitious about death. The scene also has to do a couple of other tricky things to advance subplots.

Maybe the scene I wrote today was just a stall tactic on my part to avoid dropping into those icky feelings. But, like lessons that must be planned and papers that must be checked, this mountain, too, must be climbed if my story is to go forward.

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