The Fantasy Continues…

Wrote a flying scene this morning. Just another day in the life of a writer.

I used to have a lot of flying dreams, and they used to scare me, so I taught myself to be a lucid dreamer. Then, when I had a flying dream, I’d sort of wake myself up within the dream and tell myself it was just a dream, and to enjoy it. I started to like those flying dreams. Haven’t had one in a while, but they came in handy this morning as a reference point.

In other news, it’s snowing here in Michigan. Wish I could fly away for real for a couple of months. Or forever. I miss my kids. I am ready to retire and move to New Mexico, which is exactly halfway between Dallas and L.A. Of course, I say this every January. And February. And March.


  1. Where in New Mexico? I’m ready to go. Not exactly between East Coast and West Coast (where my kids are) but heck, anything to get out of five degree weather. I do not want to live in a state where the winter precip is nearly as tall as I am.


  2. Flying dreams, I have those every so often. One time I was flying and I looked down and saw people; I could see their heads. In another dream, I was flying over walls in the streets of some country overseas. In all of my flying dreams there is one common theme that repeated — I could fly for short distances and would find my feet back on the ground again, then I would have to really push myself to take off again.

    Did man used to fly a very very long time ago?

    I’d love to go back to Florida where I had attended school, but would that really help my writing?


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