More BBC

Added the BBC Your Story link to my blogroll in case anyone else is interested in taking this journey. It’s all fairly simple and straightforward once you get the hang of the equipment and sending audio files.

Finally got my audio file interview with Al sent after several tries. And my email is working again, which helps. A day without email is like a day without a book in hand over here.

I wrote a blog to accompany the interview with Al called “Panic in Detroit” which Nina liked and wants to use! She’s listening to my audio file now and we’ll see if she likes that quite as much. It’s not my first interview, I do interviews with authors fairly often here, but it is my first interview with someone other than a writer 😉

I will let you know what she says about the interview and keep you updated on when my post will go up at BBC YS.

Meanwhile on the inauguration story, I plan to interview students at my college next week. Taking the recorder outside the house. Big step! And I’ve got friends coming for a party on the 20th, when we’ll be Skyping with the BBC. As it stands, BBC will be in contact me via Skype twice that day, once for a quick reaction during the swearing-in, and then later, at the party, where they’ll chat with my friends.

All will be blogged, for sure.

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