Growing Pains

Finished the 50-Something post this morning after a few hours of polishing. It was fun. I wrote about Al, not a topic I usually delve into here, but maybe I should. Because now that the post is written, I want to share it. But I have to wait for the owners to post it, and that can be anywhere from a day to a week. I am hugely attracted to the instantaneous aspect of blogging, and I miss that when writing for someone else’s blog. I am at heart a loner. I like to write alone. And blog alone, too, it seems.

Still, I committed to write for 50-S for a year (and like everyone who writes for them, I signed a contract) and I will honor that, even though one of the things in the contract is that you can’t cross post, which is why I don’t just put the entry up right here and now and have done with it. I think after a week or so you can post it to your own blog. By then, I’ve moved on … sometimes I even forget to post a link. It’s a bit constraining, to be honest. So if you love to blog and are thinking about joining someone else’s blog, really think about it before you sign anything. Or even give a verbal agreement.    

I know why I did it–I wanted to blog on topics other than writing and this site has always been pure. A place that writers can come to see what another writer has to say about writing. Although I have been doing some other stuff because after approximately 2,000 posts about writing, I wanted to stretch a little. Which is why I added  Monday Memoir, Friday Cat Blogging, and For the Record last year. Nothing is pure forever. 

So why did I even sign up for 50-S? I thought that on a blog for women over 50 there would be a lot more of stuff that is really just about being over 50. Because aging is a big deal. Everything starts falling and cracking and so forth. It’s kind of funny, but also sometimes sad and scary, also humbling. It can feel pretty lonely. Who exactly do you talk to about your fear of thinning hair or falling bladder except someone also in that same place? But that’s not so much the topic over there. Sometimes the posts are age-related, but not always. Which is fine. It’s just different that I expected. Honeymoon over, I guess.

Still, I have to give them props because not only do I love several of their writers, but I think that’s how the BBC found me.

Maybe what I can do, and this is just thinking as I type, is wait the week, then post the 50-Something entries here, and call them something like Home Fronts. Then after a year, I can just come home to A Writer’s Diary to post. Because I know some of my friends who are not writers (but are mostly over 50) come here to see what I’m up to, and they would like those entries. And I would like posting them on my own site. Problem solved.

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  1. I started writing on 50-something moms last summer with the same expectations you wrote about. I haven’t found that to be the case, either, but like you I will stick with it. It has given me a broader view of the blogging world and put me in touch with some writers that I might not have met otherwise. I’m glad you joined the group.


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