Mission Accomplished

A national goal met! And a personal one!

Yesterday was a highly emotional day, but I still managed to write. I voted early, only waiting a little over an hour to cast my historical ballot. Obama was not my first choice, but I believe he is a good man, a man of superior intellect and compassion, and I have forgiven him for not being Hillary;-)

I went to bed at 10, with Obama ahead and woke at 2 a.m. wanting to run to the computer. I resisted until 4 a.m. when I got up and made a pot of tea while watching Obama’s acceptance speech on C-SPAN. It made me cry. I have so much hope for our country now. Things are bad in Detroit, and everyone says we haven’t hit bottom yet. But I think that with this new president, we will be fine. We matter to him. You can see it in his face. 

And I love it that I met my goal of 70,000 words plus this morning, right after I watched history being made. It’s a good day.


  1. Bravo, Cynthia on the 70,000 words!

    I always get teary when I vote. It’s such a precious privilege and responsibility! Much has been placed on Obama’s shoulders. We are at a “Who is John Galt?” moment in our US History. It is a pivotal time in our country’s history. No matter what, the process worked. We will have a transition in government peacefully done, acknowledged by the opposition with support, and now we move on. Time will tell.

    On to the next 70,000.


  2. I stayed up until Obama gave his acceptance. I am almost over his not being a woman though I admit when everyone was going on about how historic and wonderful his election was that I wondered if women would ever get that same chance.


  3. I have to add my sincere congrats on you reading your 70,000 goal! Totally awesome! As Karen McQ already said, everyone needs to celebrate every victory, however large or small! In this case, huge!

    I’m Canadian, but we were very interested in the results of your election yesterday as well. A momentous day for you.


  4. Thanks you guys. As a Detroiter, I know Canada very well and love it, too. We’re always hopping over the border. I think our gov’t could take a few hints from yours re: health care and gun control! Just to name two things;-)


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