My Favorite Things

Went to book group last night. Our final meeting before summer break. It was a good evening. Everyone on her best behavior, even me. It isn’t always that way. We often disagree about the merits of a book or an author. But last night, things were very mellow. Well, mostly.

One comment that took me a little aback popped out near the end of the evening. We were talking about getting together informally over the summer, maybe for dinner or something. And I said “We can catch up on what everyone is reading!” because none of us stops reading over the summer, although some of us read lighter stuff. 

That’s the thing I love most about my book group. We are serious readers, serious lovers of books. So it surprised me when someone responded to my innocent comment by saying “Oh, no, we don’t have to do that.” For me, there’s no “have to” about it.

Books are a huge part of my life. A major addiction. I love shopping for books, reading reviews, visiting the library, and talking about books, but I love reading them more. That’s what I did first thing this morning. Finished reading a book for review. Then I did my other favorite thing and drafted a review. My favorite kind of morning, doing my very favorite things.    

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