Postcard from Florida

There’s something going on down south…my mood immediately picked up the moment the plane touched down. Is it the sun? The weather? The green everywhere? I’m at the library in my dad’s little town, Seminole, and a large expanse of windows shows an nature view of grasses and trees. It’s gorgeous.

I want to move here immediately. As we drove into town, I spotted a large building that said St. Petersburg College. “I could work there,” I said to Al. Later I said the same thing to my dad. Al said “What makes you think you could get the job?” I didn’t know how I knew. I just knew. Then my friend told me later that they’re hiring 800 teachers here. “You’d get the job,” she said.

Well, I’m not leaving my husband even if it’s tempting and he’s  not leaving Michigan. But the name of the library is Seminole St. Petersburg College Library. I’m not kidding. And I’m sitting right next to a spacious but empty office with a College Faculty nameplate on the door. You know, maybe it’s not teaching that’s been getting me down. Maybe it’s teaching in Michigan.

Anyway off to check email with the fervent hope that everything was okay with the review.

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