Yesterday I revised the review and sent it in (early!) and this morning I looked at the essay I’m working on for Good Housekeeping’s Blessings column. I had only written a first draft, and I knew it needed a couple hundred words plus a whole lotta polish. It’s still not there, but I’ve gotten into a habit that feels right to me with these short pieces. I do one revision, then I let it sit.

Used to be, I’d keep working away, revision after revision, until I was too mentally drained to go on and/or had convinced myself the piece was perfect. Now I’m more a “What’s the Rush?” type of writer. For a personality that’s usually impatient, I’d say this is progress. It certainly makes the process more joyful. And I think it makes the writing better, too. Letting an idea bubble, then a draft settle, then a revision sit, these are good things, savory things.

I’m enjoying this relaxed state of writing. It feels very much like a blessing.  

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