My Beautiful New Old Blog

Love this new space, especially the cherry blossoms! Thank you, Mike, for the design, the hard work, the updated bio, and incorporating my “Garage Band” interviews here on my beautiful new old blog.

This morning, I finished a draft of #10. Also drafted a review, for a grand total of about 800 fresh words. #10 is the last pitch in a list I’ve been throwing out since January, when I vowed to get ten magazine ideas out to editors and then relax. Some of the pitches surprised me by turning into something else. It’s almost like reversals when writing fiction! In fact, one piece IS fiction. A full story, not a pitch. #10 is a full piece, too. 

Another surprise–three of my so-called pitches are really marketing ideas for my book. But, hey, they took research and writing, so they made the list. Another surprise came this morning with #10. I thought I knew the content, because it’s been brewing for a long time. I even started working on it, opening a new Word document and getting some swirling thoughts down. I had my market all picked out. I was ready to send that baby into the world and report triumphantly that I’d completed my list.

Everything was ready except me. I wasn’t fired up about that pitch. I wanted to do something else. Something along the lines of an essay I’d pulled randomly from a magazine and had sitting on my desk. So I printed out my pitch notes and put them in the file for another day and wrote the thing I really wanted to work on. The thing I hadn’t known I was even going to write, the thing that I don’t often think directly about, the thing I’ve barely articulated before in print.

Sometimes, the universe nudges me in an new direction, and I go. That’s what happened this morning. And it’s really a direct result of the new/old blog. Nobody was more surprised than me when I stopped writing In The Pink. It just happened, and it felt right, so I stopped. A part of me has been working almost unconsciously behind the scenes, setting me up for what’s next.

And what’s next is more writing like #10, a short essay of 500 words for Good Housekeeping’s Blessings, similar to the stuff I’ve been writing for five years for In the Pink.  But different. Sort of like this new/old blog. 

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