My Stars

Got Word Press for Dummies in the mail yesterday. Mike’s back from vacation, too. If I wasn’t teaching this weekend, I know we could do a lot of cool things with this site. I have Big Plans. As for my beautiful background stars, Mike can bring them back, but I’m going to look at other designs first and then decide.

About teaching this weekend — it’s not really working for me to have a Saturday class. I mean, yes, I’ll complete the one this winter that I’ve just started, but I was able to pull the projected summer session before the brochure went to print. It was the right decision.   

I’m not giving up on my teaching in the community idea. The local library and I are developing a plan for Spring 2009. I love that it’s so far into the future. It will give me time to get the web version off the ground first. Yes! I’m going to be do a writing series that follows my book online on this website. It will be free and interactive and coming soon!

The person I’m in talks with at the library asked about my fee, and I was happy to say I’m donating my time, there, too. I’ve been wanting to volunteer and “give back” for a while now, so this is a perfect way of doing it. I’m even going to donate the proceeds of my book to Friends of the Library. It won’t be that people HAVE TO buy the book to take the course. The book will be an optional add on. I love that, too.

The website course and the library series will compliment each other. Right now, it’s mostly still all a vision in my head, but a beautiful exciting vision, coming into reality soon. So much of this plan is thanks to Cindy LaFerle, who’s doing great things at a neighboring community’s library, on a much grander scale than my current plan, and who generously donates proceeds of Writing Home, her warm and wonderful book of domestic essays, to homeless shelters. She’s inspired me and opened me up to a universe of possibility.

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