Practice What I Teach

In about a half hour, I’m heading out to Ann Arbor to meet with the print rep. I’ve got a bunch of questions on how to get everything perfect for submission. Yesterday I went through the entire manuscript of YWYS one more time, cutting, fixing, reworking.

It was okay before, but after using the suggestions of Beth, Micki, and Kris it is way better. Beth helped me figure out a way to organize the book better, Micki made me seem not-stupid about kid lit, and Kris honed right in on what to cut. They all saved me big time. Thank you fabulous women!

I revised about 18 pages today, the chapter openings, which I want to stand-alone but also be part of a continuing saga, so that they can be read all together and make sense. I’m trying to put everything I know about good writing into this book about “everything I know about writing.” Gotta practice what I teach.

Tomorrow, I’ll have all day, and I intend to push myself to type in all the edits. Then it’s just the cover art and a couple of other things and this book will be done. Then I get to revise Gypsy. Can’t wait!

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