Lillian’s House

garden.and.san diego 010 (Custom).jpg

Blessed Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, including Big Mama Earth. This morning, I’m so happy to be in California with Mike, my firstborn child (now a grown man) instead of my usual place on the planet, good old Detroit, Michigan. Nothing against my home state, but the minute Mike drove up to the Art Center, where I had class with Sara yesterday, I felt like San Diego should be home. I felt this instantly, even before we got to the beach.

Sara’s class, build around four powerful meditations for writers, knocked on doors and opened windows all over the various compartments of my brain. I can still feel the fresh welcome of new inspiration this morning as I tap keys in this charming hotel room in Beverly Hills that used to be part of Lillian Gish’s house. The hotel is just a few doors down and around the corner from Mike and Jessica’s place. Every step of the walk from my door to theirs is accompanied by the sights and smells of gorgeous flowers and the feel of perpetual sunshine on skin.

It is so good to be me today. The only thing that would make life better is if Al and I had a cozy little cottage in Pacific Beach and Tim (also a man, but still the baby of my tiny brood) and Mike and their girls were on the way to join us for brunch and maybe a long walk along the ocean.

I need to call my mother later and thank her for bringing into this wonderful world.

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