Fiddling & Brooding

“I wrote the first drafts longhand and then subsequent drafts were edited from computer print outs. Just endless drafts, endless reordering of the pieces, endless fiddling and brooding.”

This is Louise Erdrich, talking about how she writes her novels. The other day, I bought three top-bound spiral notebooks of 100 pages each. When those notebooks are filled with my story, I will have a draft of my WIP. Today I wrote 15 pages. My shortest page count was six, yesterday before yoga class. I have written every day for a week or so; it’s the first thing I do when I wake up, after making a pot of tea. I don’t turn on my computer, I just sit in my comfy chair and write. I plan to continue writing this way until the draft is done.

Then let the fiddling and brooding begin!

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  1. This is great, Cindy! First, the number of pp. is AMAZING. Second, that part about not turning on the computer is really good. Helps you focus! And I love the quote!



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