1. I know where you’re coming from. When we first moved to Ohio, a ten year-old girl named Amy Mihaljevic disappeared from her home near Cleveland and was found dead thirteen weeks later. Her killer has never been found. I’ve lit a candle for her by using her name as a piece of futuristic legislation that protects children in a couple of my SF projects. It won’t bring her back, and it won’t find her killer… but hopefully it keeps her in memory for a bit longer.


  2. Cindy
    You made me cry. I wrote to you about using the post for surewoman, but then I read your later entry and it’s not exploitation, it’s feeling for the absence of this little boy and honoring his memory. I hope it’s okay that I use this post. Happy Holidays. Dawn


  3. KC, I checked out your blog with all the pictures of Ricky–it touched my heart. Tried to email but that didn’t work, so I’m posting here. Hope you get this message. I have thought a lot about Ricky’s biological mom and the heartache she must be going through. I’m glad she has friends like you to support her and keep Ricky’s memory alive.–CH


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