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Today I wrote out a set of quiz questions for one of the classes I’m teaching. Yesterday I wrote a journal entry for homework in the class I’m taking. Later, I’ll be drafting a review for PW. That’s about the extent of my writing these days. Am feeling a bit nostalgic for those years of having nothing to work on but my own writing projects. Not nostalgic enough to try to live off my writing income. It’s gone up this year, but still not enough to pay the hairdresser AND buy Christmas gifts.

In other news, I’m going away this weekend to a place where the internet does not exist, cell phones don’t work, and television is not available. The B&B scrapbook weekend hosted by my friend Donna will be so much fun. I might even get to read a novel just for fun. Picked up Stephen King’s new one yesterday–Lisey’s Story is about a writer. Naturally, I couldn’t resist.

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