Octoberland Debut

To the right, along with my other website content, is Octoberland, a short story about small business owner Laura who hones her so far pathetic telepathic powers in order to help her family, dead and alive, survive.

Laura, descended from a long line of European gypsies, lives in a downtown loft in the fictional town of West Port, somewhere on the Pacific coastline. In West Port, gypsies face discrimination and ridicule for their devotion to tarot and sixth sense abilities. Most of them have gone underground as an unseen evil wrestles power from Laura’s tribe. Laura’s landlord helps her ascend to the next level of gypsy competence–and while he’s at it steals her heart.

Octoberland is a free and easy download only available here. It was written simply for the pleasure of sharing a spooky seasonal story with my readers.

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