Tense Trance

All Octoberland edits keyed in to master document and the whole thing sent to Mike to upload on the site sometime this weekend. My biggest headache is fixing tense shifts. Sometimes, when I’m in first draft mode, I go into present tense. It’s like a trance. I’m there, living my story. Then in revision, I have to put everything into what (for me) is the more reader-friendly past tense.

And speaking of tense…I’m a little nervous about my next project. Not content to bask for long in a tough project’s completion, I must immediately take on something even more daunting. Like going back to school. I keep telling myself it’s only six weeks. This opportunity popped up to get certified to teach online at MCC, where I’m currently toiling in the actual classroom. Catch is I need to take a course, and the instructor says it’s about 10 hours of work a week.

I am hoping to bring my creative writing text (aka The Little Book) back to the front burner during this six week session. Part of the work involves putting a course package together–and I’m hoping I can organize the LB and maybe “publish” it as a course. That would bring me one step closer to publishing it in print.

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