Sue Monk Kidd

My book group read Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees last year. I loved it. Which is why when I saw Firstlight at the bookstore, with it’s promise of “glimpses into the early years” of Sue Monk Kidd’s writing life, I could not resist. These pieces are Kidd’s “early inspirational writings,” most of them reprinted from Guideposts magazines.

I have never read Guideposts. Kidd says the latest issue was always laying around her house when she was growing up, which naturally led to it being the first place she queried when she decided to become a writer. And she wrote for them for a long time. In fact, Firstlight is a GuidepostsBooks publication.

I’m enjoying Kidd’s short meditations. Her writing style is touchingly personal, with a universal layer. As the younger Kidd tries to sort out the meaning of her own life, and faith’s place in it, she reveals her writer’s heart. She sees story and discerns meaning in everyday events in a way that is both breezy and insightful. She makes me want to try some inspirational essays of my own.

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