Beware Remarkable Ease

When things don’t need to be forced, when stuff just flows smoothly, New Agers like to say that the universe is in charge and life is as it should be. Not at my house. When things flow, when they don’t need to be forced, but magically come together in the proper pattern, it’s a sure sign that trouble is on the way. For example, this month, the whole Senior Reviewer thing went really well. Publicists took my calls, overnighted me late galleys, and just in general made my job much easier. I was able to read the five books in five days and submit the five reviews before deadline.

And then the other day I got an email from my editor asking where the other two reviews I was supposed to turn in were…one title I had simply forgotten about. The publicist told me on the phone that she’d send the galleys that day. That was two months ago. Once that book missed the January deadline, it went out of my head. The other title, well, I was hoping I’d sent it to a reviewer, because it is not on my “finished” pile of ARCs. Checking my list, I notice that, sadly, I had not sent it to another reviewer. And it wasn’t in my house. In fact, I don’t think I contacted the publicist at all about it. It simply fell throught he cracks of my aging brain.

I replied as much to my editor, but only in more professional words and leaving out the aging brain thing. I told her I’d get right on it. And I did. And publicist B overnighted the fallen through the cracks ARC which I now need to read and review before Monday. The other publicist has not responded to my email so I have to call her again today. I hate calling publicists. I pretty much hate the phone, period. It’s a weird phobia that blends in nicely with all my other phobias (bridges, mountains, airplanes, boats, winter expressways, hills, strange turf, cliffs, curves, losing control, public speaking, saying no, failing students, the sound styrofoam makes, etc.)

So for this weekend, it’s bye bye Welty and also the Regency Christmas anthology I started yesterday, and hello unpublished student novel and semi-okay looking chick lit story.

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